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CIS 12: Linux / VirtualBox

For this project, you will install a distribution of Linux on VirtualBox and manage within this operating system. Management includes installing new software, updating existing software, creating new users and restricting/revoking privileges, etc.

Installation Tasks:

  1. Download and install the newest version of VirtualBox.
  2. Review and compare the different Linux distributions. Select any of the popular Linux distributions and download the 32-bit version.
  3. Install the Linux operating system onto a 8GB+ dynamic virtual disk. Make sure you allot enough hard-drive space and memory to the virtual environment.
    • Note: Because student profiles occasionally get removed from the PCs, it is strongly recommended to make of copies of the virtual disk onto a USB flash drive. Otherwise, students may be required to re-download and install.
  4. Create an admin account with a password of your choice.
  5. Make sure you turn off the virtual machine properly, or else it may have difficulties booting up in the future.

Check back later for further instructions.

Welcome Back to School!

Welcome back to the 2019/2020 school year!

  • Block 1-1 and 1-2
    • Digital Communications 11
    • Computer Programming 11
    • Computer Programming 12
  • Block 1-3 and 1-4
    • Information Technology 9
    • Computer Studies 10
    • Computer Systems 12
  • Block 2-1:
    • Graphics Arts
    • Graphic Production 1 and 2
  • Block 2-3 and 2-4:
    • Career-Life Education 10

ICT 9: Fake News

After completing the in-class activity, answer the following questions in a blog post:

  1. What is fake news?
  2. What are ways to help you detect fake news? Name at least 5 hints or strategies.

ICT 9: Phone Addiction

First watch the documentary called “Addicted to your phone?” on CBC:

Next create a blog post and respond to the following questions:

  • What is the documentary about?
  • In what ways were you able to relate to this video
  • What did you learned from the documentary? Name 3 surprising things.
  • What could you do if you or somebody close to you were addicted to their devices?

CIS 12: Custom PC for University

Scenario: Your cousin has just moved out to study Engineering at the University of British Columbia (UBC). He asks you to purchase parts for a custom-built computer for his school work but he can only spend $650 (before tax).

He already has a base model of the newest iPhone and a small HDTV (with only HDMI outputs) that he plans to take with him to his campus dorm. The room includes both LAN and Wi-Fi connection to the internet. He will need the computer to meet his programming, online research and entertainment needs.

Task: You need to buy the parts for his custom-built computer that meet his needs.

  1. Identify his needs. If you are unsure of his needs, you can ask his best friend (i.e. the teacher).
  2. Browse online for desktop computers from different retailers and select the best one he can buy under $650.
  3. Go to PC Part Picker (or a similar site) and select the best PC parts that his budget can buy. Make sure the parts are compatible with each other (i.e. motherboard, CPU, RAM, etc. must all be compatible). In addition, make sure the performance does not bottleneck, meaning the PC does not slow down to its worse part. You still need to purchase some parts such as the tower, the keyboard and the mouse that are not listed on the website.
  4. Price out each part online. You may use eBay and Craigslist but make sure you include shipping in your total. Avoid purchase from the US due to customs that are not included.
  5. Prepare a slideshow presentation on Google Drive that answers the questions:
    1. What is the scenario?
    2. What are your cousin’s needs?
    3. Which desktop computer have you chosen from a store? Why is this one the best one you can buy within the budget.
    4. How does your custom PC compare to the one from stores? Organize and list your custom PC parts side by side with the store one. Include the price and vendor.
    5. What are the benefits and drawbacks? Compare the two computers.
    6. If you can only recommend one, which one will you recommend? Why?

There is no limit to the number of slides, as long as you can get your point across in 6 minutes or less. Make your slides concise but elaborate when you present (i.e. don’t just read your slides). The slides should be legible from the back row of the class, using high contrast and big fonts (larger than 24-pt). Be sure to include visuals and animations to make your presentation more engaging.

Evaluation: Click here to view the evaluation rubric for the PC for University presentation.

Welcome Back!!!

Welcome back to a new school year! Hope everybody had a safe and relaxing summer but now ready to grind our gears!!!

Mr. Kam’s Schedule in Room 142 (unless specified otherwise):

  • Block 1-1: Programming 11/12, Applied Digital Design 11/12, Digital Media Development 12
  • Block 1-2: Programming 11/12, Applied Digital Design 11/12, Digital Media Development 12
  • Block 1-3: Computer Studies 10 (formerly Programming 10) and Info Tech 9
  • Block 1-4: Computer Studies 10 and Info Tech 9
  • Block 2-1: Marketing and Entrepreneurship 8 (Business 8)
  • Block 2-2: Marketing and Entrepreneurship 8 (Business 8)
  • Block 2-4: Career-Life Education (formerly Planning 10) in Room 135

Office Hours:

  • Tutorial (8:35 – 8:55) by Appointment (
    • Day 1/1A and Day 2: Room 142
    • Day 2A: Room 134
  • Block 2-3 in Room 134

Computer Studies 10: Criteria for Games

Assignment 1: Catch the Clown (10 marks)

  • Game compiles without bugs and run-time errors; code (.gmk) file is uploaded.
  • Game has F1 Help (includes name and controls).
  • Game has background music and sound effects.
  • Room has the red background.
  • If clicked, score and speed are both increased.
  • If click, clown respawns elsewhere.
  • Clown moves in different directions.
  • Clown bounces off walls.
  • Clown changes directions after certain time.
  • First initials made from solid walls are displayed in the level design.

Assignment 2: Fruit Ninja (10 marks)

  • Game compiles without bugs and run-time errors; code (.gmk) file is uploaded.
  • Game has F1 Help (includes name and controls).
  • Game has sound effects and background music. There should be a different sound effect for clicking on the bomb.
  • At least 2 fruits and at most 1 bomb exist in the room at the start of the game.
  • Fruits and bombs move in different directions and bounce off walls. They also change direction after certain time (50 steps).
  • If fruit is clicked, score is increased and fruit re-spawns elsewhere.
  • After a certain amount of time (e.g. 50 steps), more bombs appear on the screen.
  • If you click on a fruit, more bombs appear. You can create a clone by creating new instances of the bomb. ***Note: This criteria is not described in the tutorial.
  • If bomb is clicked, the game is over immediate (or lose a life and game is over when there are no more lives as described in the tutorial). You can choose how to end the game but it needs to be explained in the game document. For example, the score freezes and the fruits disappear (i.e. destroyed) once a bomb is clicked. ***Note: this criteria is not described in the tutorial.
  • Scoreboard is shown and game is reset after game over.

Assignment 3: 1945 Shooter (10 marks)

  • Game compiles without bugs and run-time errors (i.e. does not crash); executable (.exe) and code (.gmk) files are uploaded.
  • Player does not leave the screen; bullets are spaced out.
  • Player loses health when it collides with enemy objects.
  • Player loses life when health is depleted; health is full after respawn.
  • Game is over after 3 lives.
  • Game has progression of difficulty.
  • At least 3 types of enemies are present: plane that flies straight, plane that shoots straight, plane that shoots towards the player, plane that flies from below,  plane that flies in formation, etc.
  • Score and lives are displayed.
  • Add a unique feature to the game (e.g. nuke button that instantly kills all the enemies but can only be used once). Must be described in F1.

Assignment 4: Maze (10 marks)

  • Basic (7 marks):
    • Executable and code files are uploaded; walkthru video is also uploaded (link to YouTube video is acceptable).
    • Game has a title, game-over (or congrats), and help screens.
    • Game has at least 4 stages.
    • Player is controlled by arrow keys and does not get stuck on walls.
    • Player can be killed by moving enemy.
  • Gameplay (3 marks):
    • 0 – minimal quality
    • 1 – satisfactory quality
    • 2 – good quality
    • 3 – excellent quality (puzzles, music, diamonds, keys, arrows, dynamite, etc.)

Assignment 5: Platform (10 marks)

  • Basic (7 marks):
    • Executable and code files are uploaded; walk-thru video is also uploaded (link to YouTube video is acceptable).
    • Game has a title, game-over, and congrats screens.
    • Game has at least 3 stages.
    • Player is controlled by arrow keys; gravity pulls down the player unless on platform.
    • Player starts with 3 lives and can be killed by spikes, pits, enemies, timer, etc. (at least 2 ways); restarts level if killed.
    • Player can shoot after power-up or step on enemies.
  • Gameplay (3 marks):
    • 0 – minimal quality
    • 1 – satisfactory quality
    • 2 – good quality
    • 3 – excellent quality

Assignment 6: Portfolio Game (10 marks)

  • Gameplay (7 marks) includes graphics, creativity, controls, story-line, etc. This is the fun factor. It is marked using the scale below:
  • Reflection (3 marks) is either a video recorded or written piece describing what you have learned when creating this assignment, describing what the challenges were and how you were able to over come those challenges, and highlighting any areas that you are particularly proud of.

Business 8: Best of Dragons Den