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Elective Fair: Watch the Video. Like on Facebook!

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Forbes: Top Jobs 2014 is an American business magazine that features original articles on finance, industry, investing and marketing as well as related subjects such as technology, communications, science, and law. Each year, Forbes publishes the top 10 and worst 10 careers based on four criteria: pay, outlook, work environment and stress.

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Business 8: Entrepreneur Questions (Dropbox)

  1. Make sure you have completed the assignment by answering the Entrepreneur Questions:
    1. Part 1: Elon Musk
    2. Part 2: Ten Tree Apparel (Dragons’ Den)
    3. Part 3: FreeToes (Dragons’ Den)
  2. Save all the questions and answers into ONE Microsoft Word Document.
  3. Rename the document as “1-1 Full Name – Entrepreneurship Questions.docx” where you replace 1-1 with your block and Full Name with your first and last name.
  4. Copy the file to My Computer » [Data] S » Handin  » Business 8  » Term 1. Note: you cannot open or delete the file once you place it in the Handin folder.


Welcome back to the 2013-2014 school year!

This website provides students with an abundant amount of learning materials for Mr. Kam’s courses. New assignments and other updates are posted on the homepage blog (as well as on Twitter via @kamsensei). It is strongly recommended that students bookmark this page for future references.

To start off this year, here is an inspirational TEDTalk video on the key to success:

Mr. Kam wishes all students to have a successful year through hard work and perseverance.