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Happy New School Year 2017-18!!!

I would like to take this time to welcome you back to a new school year and to welcome you to our course website.

This year, I am extremely excited to teach Business 8, Programming 10-12, and Planning 10 and to learn the names of all the new faces at Kitsilano Secondary! ūüėģ This is my first year at this school but I have over 10 years of classroom teaching experience from¬†John Oliver and Windermere Secondary School, where I have¬†taught business education, computer science, digital media and mathematics. I look forward to get to know all of you better.

In addition, if you¬†are interested in starting a school club or team, come see me.¬†I am a strong believer of building strong student leadership through community involvements and initiatives.¬†In the mean time, please make sure to bookmark and check this website regularly because its contents get updated regularly. ūüôā

– Mr. Kam

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IT 10: Scratch Assignment 3 – Platformer

The current game allows the cat the move left and right, jump when it’s on a platform, and drop when nothing is underneath it.

Task: Modify the game with the following things:

  1. Include an intro screen with three stages and winning screen. The intro screen should transition into the first stage after 2-5 seconds or after start button is pressed.
  2. At each stage, there is a flag. If the cat touches the flag, it advances to the next stage. The cat advances to winning screen after it touches third-stage flag.
  3. The cat start each stage at a fixed position.
  4. Include at least one of the following: (1) lava, (2) spikes, or (3) enemy — with a natural consequence.

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IT 10: PC for University

Scenario: Your cousin has just moved out to study marketing at Simon Fraser University. He plans to buy a brand new computer for his school work, but he can only spend $650 (before tax). He asks for your help to choose one.

Task: With a partner, you will help your cousin research computers that meet his needs. Continue reading

Article: Vancouver facing shortfall of talent to fill tech jobs (Vancouver Sun)

Full Story:

Vancouver will have more than 15,500 tech job openings between now and 2019, a recent report shows, which will intensify an already competitive job market that has companies fighting to attract new talent and keep employees from heading south of the border.  Continue reading

IT 10: Scratch Project

For this project, you will be planning, creating, and publishing a Scratch game of your choice. This game should push the limits of your programming abilities and reflect what you could do with minimal teacher assistance. The game will be evaluated by random peers in your class.

You will undergo the three stages of game development: pre-production, production, and post-production. Continue reading

IT 10: Golden Age of Video Games

For this assignment, you create a game review on a poster board based on a vintage coin-operated arcade game from the “golden age.”

Except from Wikipedia:

The golden age of arcade video games is defined as the peak era of arcade video game popularity and technological innovation. Although there is no consensus as to its exact time period, most sources place it as starting in the late 1970s and lasting to the mid-1980s.

During the late 1970s, video arcade game technology had become sophisticated enough to offer good-quality graphics and sounds but it was still fairly basic as realistic images and full-motion video were not yet available. The success of a game had to rely on simple and fun gameplay. This emphasis on the gameplay is why many of these games continue to be enjoyed today despite being vastly outdated by modern computing technology.

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