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Article: Vancouver facing shortfall of talent to fill tech jobs (Vancouver Sun)

Full Story:

Vancouver will have more than 15,500 tech job openings between now and 2019, a recent report shows, which will intensify an already competitive job market that has companies fighting to attract new talent and keep employees from heading south of the border.  Continue reading

Web Design 12: Marketing Campaign (Prezi and Prototype)

The first task is to create a 2-4 minute elevator pitch using a Prezi slideshow. The purpose of this is to provide information about your product and your business, and to convince prospective investors to financially back your product and company. This is similar to what you see on Dragon’s Den when the entrepreneurs introduce their business in an engaging way.

The business pitch needs to include: Continue reading

Article: Programming for Scientists and Engineers (ACM)

An excerpt from the article Why Scientists and Engineers Must Learn Programming by Phillip Guo on BLOG@CACM:

Over the past few years, many scientists and engineers have ranted to me about how furious they are that nobody made them learn programming back in high school or college. They now realize how much more productive they could be at work if they had developed those skills earlier.

Based on these conversations, I’ve come up with three reasons why scientists and engineers must learn programming:

  1. You can work 10 times faster by writing computer programs to automate tedious tasks (such as data cleaning and integration) that you would otherwise need to do by hand. If you know how to program, computer-related tasks that used to take you a week to finish will now take only a few hours. Continue reading

Web Design 12: Principles of Web Design


“Good typography is invisible. Bad typography is everywhere.” This is a famous piece by London-based designer Craig Ward. How does this apply to our course?

Not only does this concept apply to typography but also to many areas of visual art and design–including web design. We often notice poorly designed websites when we see them because they pop out; however, nicely designed websites often go unnoticed or are taken for granted. This phenomenon occurs partly because we rarely critically analyze web design.

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Web Design 12: Top Websites

Imagine that you and your partner have been assigned to create a multimedia presentation for your boss but you two live in different cities. This is no longer an uncommon practice due to globalization in the workplace. Synchronous communication between two parties is made easier with chat clients (Google Chat, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Continue reading