IT 10: Scratch Assignment 3 – Platformer

The current game allows the cat the move left and right, jump when it’s on a platform, and drop when nothing is underneath it.

Task: Modify the game with the following things:

  1. Include an intro screen with three stages and winning screen. The intro screen should transition into the first stage after 2-5 seconds or after start button is pressed.
  2. At each stage, there is a flag. If the cat touches the flag, it advances to the next stage. The cat advances to winning screen after it touches third-stage flag.
  3. The cat start each stage at a fixed position.
  4. Include at least one of the following: (1) lava, (2) spikes, or (3) enemy — with a natural consequence.



  • Cat can move left and right.
  • Cat can jump when standing on platform; otherwise, it falls.


  • Title Screen that transitions into game (1 mark)
  • Stage transitions (1 mark)
  • Cat starts at fixed position at each stage (1 mark)
  • At least lava, spikes or ghost with natural consequences (1 mark)