Planning 10: Career Cruising

  1. Create an account on Career Cruising. The teacher will give you in-class information on creating an account.
  2. Start by completing the Matchmaker & My Skills assessments.
    • The Matchmaker assessment provides a list of careers that might interest you based on the results of your assessment. After the first set of questions, you will likely need to answer more questions to improve and narrow down your results. The jobs are ranked based on your interest.
    • The My Skills assessment assigns a letter grade to each of the careers in the first section based on your skills and ability. The careers with “A” and “B” grades are the ones that are worthwhile to be explored further.
    • The careers can be filtered by education level: high school, community college / technical training, and university.
  3. Review the careers in which you have scored high in both interests and skills/abilities. Click on the careers and read the “At a Glance” section. If it interests you, read more about its job descriptions, work conditions, earnings, education, etc., on the left panel. How much or how little you wish to explore each career is up to you.
  4. Assignment: Create a Google Slide presentation on 5 careers. At least one of the careers require only a high school diploma, at least one with a community college or technical training, at least one with university. In addition, at least two careers in which you have scored “A” or “B” in terms of skills. The other ones can be of your own choosing. For each career, provide the following information in point form: job description, working conditions, education and earnings, career path, related careers, BC labor market. You may need to cross reference with Include a title page, table of contents, summary (rank of the careers), and bibliography.